As a child, Bill Allen experienced great difficulty in learning to read – and struggled to be successful in school. He worked hard and earned his BBA from Georgia State University. For many years, Bill struggled with reading disabilities and writing difficulties that strongly affected his career and personal life. Finally in his 40’s, Bill learned how to solve his learning and reading difficulties. He then began to tutor children, and created tools to empower them to learn to read.


During the next ten years, Bill personally tutored hundreds of children, one per week at a time. They and their parents traveled – often over great distances – to work one-on-one with him for five days. The program he used was very expensive and required months of extensive follow up at home. The program was essentially only available for those who could

afford it. Bill knew that an easier and more cost effective way to help every child who is having difficulty learning to read had to be created – and he was committed to finding the solution to this dilemma. Bill’s creative, multisensory mind went to work solving this problem and designing multiple solutions. Ultimately, The Learning to Read Program was created

so that every family could teach their 3D learners how to read from home.


These children discover that they can learn like anybody else and finally become enthusiastic readers with complete reading comprehension.

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